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cotton candy

Name/Nickname: lyka, my friends often refer to me as lyks or ly
Age: i just turned 15 last january
Likes: being with friends, shopping, reading novels & mangas, writing literary pieces,music,socializing,hanging out,giggling,philosophy,psychology,sweets, dancing, mingling with other people..
: backstabbing,deception,jealousy, envy, fraud, liars, rumors and gossips,fights,Strong points: im such a friendly person, idealistic i guess, kind, im very accommodating, honest, im very loyal, im really mature ☺
Weaker points
: im weak person, i don't know how to defend myself from fights/quarrels, i just cry endlessly, i suck at some sports, lol,
Hobbies & Talents
: writing, reading,playing the guitar,browsing the web, playing some sports,hugging my puppies xD
Describe your personality in three words
: nice, odd xD, kind

Favorite color: baby pink  
Hot or Cold?: cold
Mature or Immature?: mature
Leader or Follower?: leader
Optimistic or Pessimistic?:
Low, medium, or high energy level?: medium

Favorite character & why?: it'd be mikan, because unlike me, she's such a strong girl, she overcomes different trials and the like..what a girl!..♥

Anything else?: hmm..i'll be in a bad mood when someone wakes me up when im sleeping without any reason at all..i have dual personalities, i can be too nice and sometimes i can be mean too..lo

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